Swift Noir Men's Slide Sandals (Model 057) Men's Slide Sandals (057) e-joyer

Swift Noir Men's Slide Sandals (Model 057)

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The meaning of the Hummingbird symbol was to signify peace, love and happiness. The mixed pastel colour palette helps express the humming bird motif while presenting an beauitifully elegant design.

Easy to wear for its slip-on design. A lightweight cushioned sole combines with a quick-drying strap in these unique slide sandals. 

• PVC foaming outsole for cushioning and comfort.
• Soft, durable PVC foaming strap.
• Easy to wear for its slide-on structure.
• Hand wash only. The print is unable to fade.

Available Size: US6,US7,US8,US9,US10,US11,US12,US13,US14,US15,US16
Note: we recommend you choose shoes a size bigger according to the chart below if you have wide or flat feet.