Lily Sierra Men's Slide Sandals (Model 057) Men's Slide Sandals (057) e-joyer

Lily Sierra Men's Slide Sandals (Model 057)

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In Plains traditions, the Dragonflies symbolizes protection and invincibility. The dragonfly and floral elements are complimented by a fire based colour palette to create a bold and unique design.

Easy to wear for its slip-on design. A lightweight cushioned sole combines with a quick-drying strap in these unique slide sandals. 

• PVC foaming outsole for cushioning and comfort.
• Soft, durable PVC foaming strap.
• Easy to wear for its slide-on structure.
• Hand wash only. The print is unable to fade.

Available Size: US6,US7,US8,US9,US10,US11,US12,US13,US14,US15,US16
Note: we recommend you choose shoes a size bigger according to the chart below if you have wide or flat feet.