Wholesale FAQ

1. How do I place a wholesale order?

49Dzine is proud to announce Wholesale or Bulk Pricing for almost all our products for any order above $400. 

To get started simply Add Items to your Shopping Cart. When your finished adding your items, at the top of the Checkout page in type Coupon Code: DISCOUNT2019

Note: Discount code must be entered prior to reaching the shipping page. How you know if it was done correctly, there is a $0.00 shipping option when you finalize your shopping cart.


This will allow reduce your shopping cart to a $0.00 order. Everything in your shopping cart will be saved and our system will assign you an order number.

Using the DISCOUNT2019 coupon code does not mean your order is FREE and $0.00. It simply allows us to capture all the items in your shopping cart so we can prepare a discounted wholesale or bulk pricing invoice for you.

Please note if you order from our Retail online store and purchase at Full Price, your order will not be considered Wholesale Pricing and will not be adjusted for discounted pricing. 

We have over 50,000+  product sku numbers from our website and submitting your order online is the easiest and fastest way for us to assist you getting the items your looking for. It is very time consuming to look up sku numbers when creating an adjusted pricing invoice quote.

After submitting your order we will then compile an adjusted invoice or quote for the items in your order and send you a separate email to complete payment online with the adjusted wholesale or bulk pricing.


The DISCOUNT2019 coupon code will not ask you for payment as a $0.00 order can be submitted without payment. We will contact you to finalize payment for your wholesale order.

If you wish to pay by check or make any adjustments to your order such as change quantities, add or delete items from your order; that is fine we will email you a copy of the invoice to you so it can be reviewed prior to making payment.

Your order will be valid for 14 days from when we send you the adjusted invoice. You can either complete your order by paying online with a credit card or email us for payment instructions if you plan to pay by check.

 Our wholesale email address is:


There is additional price break when ordering 50 to 99 items and a 3rd tier of savings when ordering more than 100 items. You can mix and match your order with different items to receive these additional discounts.

Clearance items do not qualify for additional mark downs as they are already heavily discounted. You can include clearance items in your order however they will be at the same website price presented online.

All prices are in United States Dollars and we ship Worldwide.
We do not finance Purchase Orders nor offer net term financing for orders

Payment must be collected and cleared prior to any shipment going out.

We accept all major credit cards.

Delivery is approximately 2.5 to 4 weeks depending on your shipping address.

If you wish to customize any of your products with your logo or add customized text on anything from your order please email us directly so we can adjust your order for this.

We hope to build a great relationship with you and your organization. We love hearing about your experiences across Turtle Island and if there is anything we can do to help your business or organization.

Kitaa'kitamaat'sin (see you again in Blackfoot),

Nathan Rainy Chief



2. Why is there a 4% transaction fee?

Whenever we run a card over the phone, since the card is not in person, our 3rd party payment processor charges us a 4% fee to run your card. If you'd like to get around this transaction fee, you can send us a check or  money order- which will take the transaction fee out. Of course mailing your check or money order will delay your order however we understand not every institution is able to pay by credit card.


3. Why do these prices seem higher than other wholesale prices we buy?

We find a lot of merchants are confused by wholesale and resale prices. The prices we are offering are resale prices, but merchants often refer to them as wholesale and confuse ordering wholesale and resale. Wholesale is when merchants buy a huge lot of one specific item in usually hundreds or thousands of units. Resale is when a merchant purchases a lot of different items with an order that is much larger than a typical individual would order. Our wholesale prices are as low as we can go without costing us money. When you really consider that you're essentially getting a 40% discount just because you're purchasing 50 different items or more, you're really getting a good deal. If you'd like to order actual wholesale, we can of course provide deeper discounts, but some items simply aren't going to get lower in cost no matter how many one buys. 


4. How long will it take for my order to ship? 

You'll receive your items in several different shipments, and it usually takes about 2.5 to 4 weeks for the first packages to start coming in after your order. 


5. I received some items damaged, what can I do?

Send us photos of the damaged items to wholesale@49design.org and we will evaluate the best steps to take. Typically we have to contact either the mail carrier that delivered them or the manufacturer that made them and determine where they were damaged. While each case will vary, usually we can get your items replaced and we will send you a shipping label to return the damaged product to us. 

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