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April 7th, 2018
1. LIKE the Car Seat Cover Giveaway Post.
2. SHARE the Car Seat Cover Giveaway Post.
3. Answer this question correctly: How do you say "Car" in your Native language and write the answer in the comments on the Facebook giveaway post, along with what your Native language is. 
The winner of the giveaway will be chosen and posted on Monday, April 9th, right here. THE WINNER IS Eva Rodriguez. Yayyyyy!

Facebook is slowing down businesses on their platform if they don't pay for their posts. It's very frustrating. But we really like doing giveaways and have done dozens in the last several months (because it's cheaper than paying for Facebook advertising). Unfortunately, we have to list the instructions here, because Facebook will slow our page down if we post the instructions on Facebook.

Upcoming Events We Are Going To:
  • April 7-8 Fort Collins, CO USA 26th Annual Spring Pow-wow and Indian Market Northside Aztian Community Center
  • April 10 - 11 Calgary, Alberta Canada Deerfoot Casino Blackfoot Confederacy Human Resource Conference
  • April 21 - 22 Regina, Saskatchewan Canada  First Nations University of Canada 2018 Pow-wow
  • May 12 Edmonton, Alberta Canada Ben Calf Robe Pow-wow
  • June 8 - 10 White Earth, Minnesota USA 150th Annual White Earth Pow-wow
Event organizers are welcome to email us at if you would like us to attend an upcoming event

March 19th, 2018 11:29PM
Trailers and Powwows and Trucks- Oh My!
It's been a busy few weeks. We are working on a lot of things, but most importantly we are working on getting a trailer and getting a truck so we can travel more easily to powwows in the US and Canada. We have applied for a grant from our tribe to help us with the cost of the trailer because they're very expensive- especially in Canada. We should hear more on that in the next few days. We will make an announcement when that happens. 
We are very excited about this year's powwows. Last year we went to a lot in March, April, and May. This year we are going to change things up and go a bit later in the year. We missed a lot of powwows in July/August/September last year, and we noticed that they were pretty big powwows, so we want to make sure to get to those this year.
Please come out and see us at these events!

Canada Post is AWFUL!
We are so sorry to our Canadian customers. Canada Post and Canada CBSA are taking forever to push our packages through. A lot of people have said to us "my packages have gone through fine." And that's probably true. We aren't able to mark our packages as gifts since they're commercial. So they are typically scrutinized more than other packages. CBSA has said also they scrutinize smaller commercial packages more because of the fentanyl problem in Canada. Whatever the case, they're really making things very difficult for businesses that send packages into Canada. Canada Post has made the problem worse by saying they will only process what are known as E-packets when they get around to them. Unfortunately, most of our packages are E-packets and there's no way around that. Just know YOU WILL get your package as soon as Canada Post gets with the program. If you have a tracking number- it's been shipped and there's not much we can do.

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