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- For every purchase of one (1) Winter Coat you can get a FREE pair of shoes (Worth $59.87 or below)
- Your cart must only contain (1) Winter Coat and one (1) Shoe item that you wish to get for FREE.
- The Coupon Code is COATANDSHOES
- Promo ends on January 9, 2018 @ 11:59PM PST

Take Note:
- If you add two (2) Winter Coats to your Cart you cannot use the COATANDSHOES code, because we have an automatic 50% off on the second Winter Coat in your cart
- If you want to get multiple coats and a lot of free shoes you MUST make multiple transactions to use the COATANDSHOES coupon code.
- You may only use ONE coupon code per transaction.
- The FREE shoes MUST be worth $59.87 or below. Shoes priced above the given $59.87 are not part of the promo.
- If there are two (2) Shoe items in your cart when you apply the coupon code, the item with the lesser value will be used as the free item.

All listed footwear collection are eligible for the COATANDSHOES bundle
Please select the category of item you're looking for below. 
Sample photos of items can be found below as well.
Unisex Slippers:
Men's Breathable Running Shoes:
Men's Draco Running Shoes:
Men's Dolphin Ultra Light Running Shoes:
Men's Sopo Sneakers:
Men's Running Sneakers:
Men's Retro High Tops:
Women's Retro Low Top Shoes:
Women's Unusual Slip-Ons:
Women's Casual Shoes:
Unisex Flip Flops:

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