Art Contest

Your art could be featured on a line of products.

1st Place will win $300. 2nd Place will win $200. 3rd Place will win $100. All winners will be able to choose $100 in merchandise with their winning art on it. 

Rules: All entrants must be enrolled members or descendants of enrolled members of a US or Canadian Tribe. We may ask for proof of enrollment. 

Submissions should be in JPEG, PNG, or any format readable by Adobe Creative Cloud. They should be at least 3000x3000pixels. If you have a piece of art you need to photograph, you should have it professionally photographed so that all shadows are removed (you may do this yourself if you know how). You may submit as many pieces as you wish. 

Entries should be sent to with the subject line: June Art Contest

All entrants, regardless of winning will be able to have their entries on products if they so choose. This must be indicated in the entry email. 

ALL WINNING ENTRIES BECOME THE PROPERTY of 49 Design. While you may still retain the ability to show and sell your piece, your acknowledgement of winning is an agreement to give limited commercial copyright to 49 Design for whatever production purposes deemed necessary. You will be credited on all pieces featuring your work. 

Minimum of 10 entrants required in order for contest to proceed.

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