2018 49 Dzine Native Scholarship - $1000

2018 49 Dzine Native Scholarship - $1000

1. Write 1000 word essay on "Why Native respresentation in pop culture is important and how you intend to advance Native respresentation with your career?

2. Send essay and school transcript from high school to nathan@49dzine.com. If you are a returning adult, please tell us about your community involvement (do you powwow dance, help at Elder Care, etc)

3. Include an acceptance letter from your University, College, Tech School, or Continuing Education Center

4. Tell us the tribe you're affilated with and include 2 letters of reference

Money will be made available to your institution in August of 2018. A statement of expenses including all other financial aid and scholarships should be sent before money will be released to your institution.

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